Michael Dela Fuente

MichaelMichael Dela Fuente.

BSc, Hotel Management.

Receptionist / Administrator

Michael graduated from Trinity University of Asia with a BSc Degree in Hotel Management. Following graduation Michael decided to travel overseas and started working in the hotel industry in Abu Dhabi. Beginning his career in food and beverages he worked his way up to front desk at a large hotel in the capital and continued working there for 3 years before joining BounceBack Physiotherapy. Michael is an intergral member of the team who has been with BounceBack physiotherapy since almost the beginning. If you have any questions or need an appointment Michael will be happy to help you.


Personal Bio.

Michael enjoys playing basketball in his spare time and was a member of the varsity basketball team at university. You can still find Michael on the court on evenings and weekends both in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. If not playing basketball he enjoys riding his fixed gear bicycle (as its a bit more challenging).

If you spot Michael wearing the same pair of shoes twice we would be surprised as he has more shoes / trainers than his girlfriend!