Treatment room boarder.001BounceBack Physiotherapy Treatment Centre operates on a “pay and claim” basis with insurance companies. This means that the patient pays for the physiotherapy service and then completes a claim form for reimbursement from their insurance company.

**It is the sole responsibility of the patient to ensure that their health insurance policy covers the cost of any treatment undertaken. We strongly advise all patients to check with their insurance company prior to attending physiotherapy that adequate coverage is included in your policy for physiotherapy. Most insurance companies will require either pre-approval or a referral for physiotherapy from a doctor prior to treatment commencing.

PLEASE NOTE: BounceBack Physiotherapy accepts no liability for any treatment costs incurred which are not covered or rejected by your health insurance company.

Please find below website links to Reimbursement Claim forms from a number of major Insurance Companies. Please Note: Different insurance policies may require different reimbursement claim forms / documentation to be completed which are not shown here. The links provided are for your reference only.

Insurance Reimbursement Claim Forms.